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Double Wing & Flexbone

///Double Wing & Flexbone

Useful Double Wing Offense Links

Double Wing Offense

The Double Wing is based off a formation originally run by Pop Warner in the early 1900’s. Most people agree that Don Markhamis the father of the Double Wing Offense with his strategies developed in the 1970’s. Other coaches have continued to develop the Double Wing including Hugh Wyatt, Jack Gregory and Steve Calande. All three coaches have developed different styles, rules and systems to expand the offense even further.

Useful Flexbone Offense Links

Flexbone Offense

The Flexbone Offense is based off of the Double Slot formation that was run by Glenn “Tiger” Ellison. Paul Johnson (Georgia Tech), Fisher DeBerry (Air Force) and Ken Niumatalolo (Navy) are three coaches that have had great success running the Flexbone in college. The Flexbone is an option heavy offense and can also be called the Spread Option Offense as well.

Championship Productions Double Wing Offense & Flexbone Offense Videos

Youth Double Wing 5-Pack

Jack Gregory & Kenny Mead

Flexbone Option Offense 2-Pack

Aaron Hafner & Todd Hafner

Double Wing Offense & Flexbone Offense Files

Thoughts to Determine an Option QB – Paul Johnson

This Word document is from Paul Johnson of Georgia Southern and currently Georgia Tech. He breaks down questions to ask to determine if a QB will make a good choice for an option team.

Option Football from the Double Wing – Malcolm Robinson

This PowerPoint file breaks down various option run plays in the Double Wing Offense. This includes descriptions of the various plays as well as coaching points and position drills.

Flexbone Option Offense – Middlesex HS

Flexbone Option Offense Playbook from Middlesex HS in New Jersey.

Double Wing Coaches Manual – Jack Gregory

Double Wing Coaches Manual from Jack Gregory.

Double Wing Offense – Jack Gregory

Double Wing Playbook from Jack Gregory.

Double Wing Offense – Don Markham

Double Wing Playbook from Don Markham.

Double Wing Offense – Steve Calande

Double Wing Offense Playbook from Steve Calande.

Delta State Statesmen Offense Playbook 1999

Flexbone Offense Playbook from the Delta State University Statesman.

Animated Double Wing Playbook – Jack Taylor

This PowerPoint file is an animated playbook from Jack Taylor of the Vanceboro Youth Football Association in North Carolina.

Bunch Passing in the Double Wing – Ted Seay

PowerPoint file that breaks down passing using Bunch formations in the Double Wing Offense by Ted Seay.

Air Force Falcons Flexbone Option Offense 1998 – Fisher DeBerry

Flexbone Option Offense playbook from Fisher DeBerry when he was with the Air Force Falcons in 1998.

Air Force Falcons Flexbone Option Offense 1995 – Fisher DeBerry

Flexbone Option Offense playbook from Fisher DeBerry when he was with the Air Force Falcons in 1995.