Why Being on a Great Staff can be more Valuable and Rewarding

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The aspirations of every coach starting out, is to have their own program. As well as it should be, many overlook the value of being on a great staff. Those of us who have been been coaches for some time can really appreciate this. We have seen how great staffs produce a coaching tree that branches greatness for decades to come.While dreams and aspirations can make someone anxious, being an assistant coach on

a great staff can be just as refreshing. A solid staff is the backbone of a team, and being on a staff that is constantly refreshing their knowledge leads to deeper learning and further education. I created a post earlier on the Late 90’s Cleveland Browns staff. If you look at that roster, that coaching tree has created some of the greatest names in our profession. Some of the household names were once position coaches and coordinators. I am sure their coaching meetings we inspiring and thought provoking. All of those coaches took something from each other daily, and Cleveland Browns fans can only wonder what might have been if the team not moved to Baltimore, the next season.

How important being a part of a staff can be?

Patrick Taylor

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I am the Offensive Coordinator at North Surry High School, in Toast North Carolina. We run the Air Raid Offense, and have several books and Articles published. Inventor of Open Grass Reads Quarterback Training.

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