Off-Season Pride Program

//Off-Season Pride Program

In a discussion on Twitter, the question came up about incentives for players to encourage attendance at off-season workouts. It is a struggle for many coaches, and especially new coaches that are taking over programs without strong tradition and football culture. This was my experience when I took over a program that was mired in mediocrity. I was only the head coach for one season due to family reasons, but the foundation was laid for the culture that is still being built.

I would love to tell you that it was a resounding success, but I don’t think that would be quite accurate. Like many endeavors, it was a mixed bag of good and bad. I do believe that we increased some of the attendance, but we were lacking the senior leadership that we needed to keep the players accountable.

Very little in this program is unique, or created by me. I wish I remembered where I got a lot of the information, but I do not know. I know it was culled from various resources from people like Coach Fore and Coach Steinberg along with many, many others. Thank you all for the ideas and your contributions to the game!

If I did it all over again, I do not think I would use a system like this. Instead, I would try and focus on figuring out who those leaders were going to be and working through them. I do believe that there is some merit in a system like this, and I know that others have had success with it. However, I think it should only be used for the first and possibly second season at a new school. Until you can fully establish your culture and develop your leaders.

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