Football Run Game

The football run game is an important part of every offense. These files provide a teaching tool for the various styles of the run game, from teaching Inside Zone blocking to the Vince Lombardi era Packers Sweep. The football run game can be used as an entire offense like most Wing-T concepts or it can be used as a change-up as in many Air Raid offenses. There are many philosophies in the run game, in the Spread Shotgun offenses, many teams like to widen the defense out to run the ball where they have a numbers advantage. In

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Option Offense

The option offense may be the most popular type of offense. It can be run from any formation and in any offensive scheme. It has widespread use from College Football down to Youth Football but is run very sparingly in the NFL. This section has files from a variety of offensive styles including the very popular Split Back Veer and I Option Offense made famous by Nebraska and Tom Osborne. Enjoy the files, please report any broken links or mis-categorized files and as always, please feel free to send any Option Playbooks or information I may not have.

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Wing-T Offense

The Wing-T Offense has been made famous by University of Delaware Coach Harold "Tubby" Raymond, and is a popular misdirection offense that can be hard to stop. Characterized by a wingback in the slot just behind the tight end, and a split end on the weak side, the offense places all three running backs in prime locations for counters, fakes, and other misdirection plays. The system also features the Quarterback Waggle, which gives a good quarterback the chance to run or throw, and can cause many issues for the defense. Useful Wing-T Offense Links: Wing-T Football -

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Double Wing & Flexbone

Useful Double Wing Offense Links Coach Markham's Double Wing Offense Don Markham's Double Wing information Coach Hugh Wyatt's Football Coaching Hugh Wyatt's Double Wing Information Gregory Double Wing Jack Gregory's Double Wing Information Coach Calande's Double Wing Football Site Steve Calande's Double Wing Information Double Wing Information about the Double Wing Coach Harrison Coach Harrison Double Wing Information Double Wing Offense The Double Wing is based off a formation originally run by Pop Warner in the early 1900’s. Most people agree that Don Markhamis the father of the Double Wing Offense with his strategies

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Spread Offense

The Spread Offense is arguably the most popular style of offense in football right now. It is run at every level from youth football to the NFL. The spread is typically run out of a Shotgun formation with three, four or five receivers. The reasons for running the spread offense are different for each style of offense. Some teams, like Auburn with Gus Malzahn, ran the spread offense to run the ball inside the tackles where they gain a numbers advantage. Other teams, like the Indianapolis Colts with Peyton Manning, ran the spread to get more

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OFFENSE PLAYBOOKS The Air Raid Offense is a shotgun spread, pass-first offense designed by Hal Mumme and Mike Leach while they were at the University of Kentucky in the 1990’s. These are various College Playbooks that range from full playbooks to clinic presentations given by various college football coaches. A very popular offense that was developed into a system by Don Markham and is still run by many youth football and high school football teams. The option offense may be the most popular type of offense. It can be run

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