What We Look For In A Quarterback Part 2 (The Qualities)

I have always liked this picture of Y.A. Tittle. It embodies the game of football. To me it also embraces the position of quarterback. That is a picture of a leader by example. The blood, sweat, and tears from effort. The look of exhaustion from the mental strain of a game. The position of quarterback has nothing to do with perception, but completely based on reality. The position of quarterback cannot be fooled in the game of football on every offensive snap. So what are the qualities of a quarterback? What makes it work to get the performance we all

Defining A Position Coach

At the beginning of a career every coach wants to be a coordinator. I strictly believe that every young coach should have goals in place and path to reach them, but do not be in a rush to climb the top. Promotions will come from the success of your players in your position. If you are placed in a higher position before you are ready, the title will become more of a weight instead of an accomplishment.  Frustration will set in and you will find yourself complaining more than coaching. So lets destroy some myths: Becoming a coordinator means it will be

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Sid Gillman: You Need to Know This Man if You Throw the Forward Pass

I like to think of myself as a football archaeologist. My mind wants to trace everything back to the roots from where it started. I like to find old books on passing the ball from its infancy years, and compare what we are doing now. I received Dutch Meyers Spread Offense book (that had been out of print for some time), as a Christmas present some years back. It is still one of my prize collectibles. This off season I started reading everything I could find on Sid Gillman. Now if your mind does not seek history like mine, then

You Want Your Team to be More Physical?

One of the oldest discussions in football is physicality. It has been criticized recently, adjusted, and being sought out by many coaches this off season. So you are coming off a year where you could not win the tough yards. It just Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus staring down the Green Bay Packers offensive line at Wrigley Field.Chicago, Illinois 12/14/1969(Image # 1160 ) seems your team does not have the mind set to grind it out, and you are frustrated. You feel as if you left a key element out of the game. You are embarrassed at the

Air Raid Y-Corner Concept Breakdown

In some offenses it can be called snag, but in this article we will diagram the Air Raid Staple Y-Corner. This concept is a favorite for the Air Raid faithful in the red zone, but we will show the adjustments and how it can be just as efficient anywhere on the field.

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Double Post Concept

My favorite pass concept of the past five years has to be the Double Post concept. A well run post is one of the most difficult routes to cover, so my thought is why not run 2!? The Double Post concept is something that has been around the NFL and College for a long time. In the West Coast, it is run as a Dino Double Post and a wrinkle on it was made famous by Steve Spurrier and the Florida Gators.

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RPO’s and Packaged Plays – Playing in the Sandbox

We have been running some form of packaged plays since 2013 when I saw a clinic talk by Mike Emendorfer from UW-Platteville. Back then it was on the cutting edge of what teams were doing, but not it has become very advanced and teams at every level are running packaged plays, and RPO’s are all over as well. Our use of RPO’s and Packaged Plays has evolved tremendously from our meager beginnings in 2013, but there are some aspects that have never changed because they work so well for teaching and understanding the concepts involved.

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Offense Playbook Series: Play Call Procedures

In this installment of our Offense Playbook Series, we will be looking at the play calling procedures you will use with your team. This is the part of building your playbook that determines your huddle and how you will get your information into your players.

Incorporate Trick Plays into Your Offense (Part 3) – Trickier Trick Plays

In Part 1, we looked at the philosophy of Trick Plays. This included when to call them, what they are used for, and also some of the thoughts people might have about them. In Part 2 we looked at the more basic trick plays that many of you already run. In this article, we will look at some more advanced, crazier, trickier and riskier trick plays. If you invest some time in these plays, it can give you that one play that can change the game around.

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Incorporate Trick Plays into Your Offense (Part 2) – Basic Trick Plays

In Part 1, we looked at the philosophy of Trick Plays. This included when to call them, what they are used for, and also some of the thoughts people might have about them. In this article, we will dive into some of the more basic trick plays in football and we will go through the responsibilities of each player. All of the information offered here is simply a blueprint of certain plays. Use as much or as little of the individual responsibilities to make them work for you and your team.

Incorporate Trick Plays into Your Offense (Part 1) – Groundwork

This is the first part of a four part series on Trick Plays. Part 2 will discuss some of the more basic trick plays, Part 3 will get into some of the more exotic, and Part 4 will discuss some gadget formations to use to cause fits for the defense. Check back to see the other parts soon over the next couple of weeks. “Trick” Plays can sometimes have a negative connotation when discussed as a part of an offensive game plan. Opposing defensive coordinators sometimes believe that if you are running trick plays against them, they already have you

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Run and Shoot

The Run and Shoot Offense was designed by a high school coached named Glenn "Tiger" Ellison. It was modified and popularized by Mouse Davis with Portland State and in the USFL with the Houston Gamblers. The Run and Shoot offense is run out of spread formations and it relies on receivers adjusting their routes based on coverage and movement of the defense. The offense reached it's apex in the late 1980's and early 1990's when it was run by the Houston Oilers with Warren Moon, the Detroit Lions with Barry Sanders, the Indianapolis Colts and

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Pistol Offense

The Pistol Offense was designed in 2004 by Chris Ault, the head coach of the University of Nevada. The offense combines the shotgun and single back offenses into a hybrid system. In the Pistol Offense, the QB aligns tighter to the LOS than in a traditional shotgun and the running back aligns directly behind him. The offense has evolved to include multiple backs and Pistol formations have found their way into many college offenses and into the NFL. It was used extensively throughout the 2012 NFL Season by the Washington Redskins

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West Coast Offense

The West Coast Offense was created by Bill Walsh while he was an assistant coach with the Cincinnati Bengals in the 60's and 70's. When he became the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, he brought the system with him and it developed into one of the most successful NFL offenses. Bill Walsh and the 49ers went on to win 3 Super Bowls using the West Coast Offense with players like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. The philosophy of the West Coast is to emphasize short, horizontal passing plays that allow for a high

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Passing Game

Whether the offensive system is pass dominated like the Air Raid Offense or the Run & Shoot Offense, or more run dominated like the Double Wing Offense and Flexbone Offense, the passing game is an important part of every offense. This section has articles and information about all aspects of the Passing Game. Enjoy the files, please report any broken links or mis-categorized files and as always, please feel free to send any Passing Game Information I may not have.

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Football Run Game

The football run game is an important part of every offense. These files provide a teaching tool for the various styles of the run game, from teaching Inside Zone blocking to the Vince Lombardi era Packers Sweep. The football run game can be used as an entire offense like most Wing-T concepts or it can be used as a change-up as in many Air Raid offenses. There are many philosophies in the run game, in the Spread Shotgun offenses, many teams like to widen the defense out to run the ball where they have a numbers advantage. In

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NFL Playbooks

Professional Football has seen many different styles of offense throughout its storied history. These playbooks range from the run heavy offensive playbooks of Vince Lombardi to the pass happy playbooks from the "Greatest Show on Turf" and everything in between. NFL Playbooks are by far the most common files on this page, but there are also playbooks from the USFL, CFL and even Arena Football.

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Option Offense

The option offense may be the most popular type of offense. It can be run from any formation and in any offensive scheme. It has widespread use from College Football down to Youth Football but is run very sparingly in the NFL. This section has files from a variety of offensive styles including the very popular Split Back Veer and I Option Offense made famous by Nebraska and Tom Osborne. Enjoy the files, please report any broken links or mis-categorized files and as always, please feel free to send any Option Playbooks or information I may not have.

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Double Wing & Flexbone

Useful Double Wing Offense Links Coach Markham's Double Wing Offense Don Markham's Double Wing information Coach Hugh Wyatt's Football Coaching Hugh Wyatt's Double Wing Information Gregory Double Wing Jack Gregory's Double Wing Information Coach Calande's Double Wing Football Site Steve Calande's Double Wing Information Double Wing Information about the Double Wing Coach Harrison Coach Harrison Double Wing Information Double Wing Offense The Double Wing is based off a formation originally run by Pop Warner in the early 1900’s. Most people agree that Don Markhamis the father of the Double Wing Offense with his strategies

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Spread Offense

The Spread Offense is arguably the most popular style of offense in football right now. It is run at every level from youth football to the NFL. The spread is typically run out of a Shotgun formation with three, four or five receivers. The reasons for running the spread offense are different for each style of offense. Some teams, like Auburn with Gus Malzahn, ran the spread offense to run the ball inside the tackles where they gain a numbers advantage. Other teams, like the Indianapolis Colts with Peyton Manning, ran the spread to get more

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Air Raid Offense

Useful Air Raid Offense Links Air Raid Offense - Smart Football Excellent breakdowns from Chris Brown at Hal Mumme Air Raid Offense Information from the inventor of the Air Raid Offense Air Raid Playbook Information - CougCenter Information from the great Blog about Washington State Football and coach Mike Leach Air Raid Offense The Air Raid Offense is a shotgun spread, pass-first offense designed by Hal Mumme and Mike Leach while they were at the University of Kentucky in the 1990's. The core concepts were originally developed by LaVell Edwards and Norm Chow

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OFFENSE PLAYBOOKS The Air Raid Offense is a shotgun spread, pass-first offense designed by Hal Mumme and Mike Leach while they were at the University of Kentucky in the 1990’s. These are various College Playbooks that range from full playbooks to clinic presentations given by various college football coaches. A very popular offense that was developed into a system by Don Markham and is still run by many youth football and high school football teams. The option offense may be the most popular type of offense. It can be run

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